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  • Convenience Food Versus Nutritional Choices

    Ultra processed foods is linked to 50% higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and developing other health conditions, including common mental disorders.
  • Here's to Your Health!

    The appeal of the Nicer Slicer for home cooks, from my perspective, is how it makes the idea of toasting bread into more of an art. The idea that ...
  • Toasted Bread

    Toasted Bread One of my father's favorite bread tips I countlessly, and no less fondly, tell is his recommendation on how to toast bread. Deceivin...
  • Holiday FUN (while supplies last) - Get a FREE Potholder with your Purchase!!

    T This year we are offering a free potholder while supplies last when you buy a NIcer Slicer! These are classic hand made pot holders- well mad...
  • Stretch Your Budget, Not Your Pants

    I tested a new holiday snack recipe on my family last night (good thing they have adventuresome taste buds.)

    We Nicer Slicer aficionados love the way this slicer can make great food even tastier without filling you up.

    Recently, I saw a friend of mine eating a Cinnamon Crunch bagel from Panera, topped with a flavored cream cheese. It looked so good that I went to find one for myself. In the store, I noticed that each bagel contained a whopping 400 calories. I bought several and went home to experiment.

  • Serve bagels at your next cheese tasting

    Stack o Cheese
    Turns out that the cheese does not stand alone. We love hearing from our customers about how they use The Nicer Slicer. They come up with all sorts of techniques and recipes. I recently received this idea from a user in Northwest Ohio.
    “Over the holidays, my daughters brought 7 or 8 fancy cheeses home. They wanted to taste and compare some blue cheeses and other varieties before offering them to guests at an upcoming party.
  • Great Breakfast Sandwich

        I recently purchased a copy of Dr. Joel Kahn’s book, “The Plant Based Solution." I decided to work towards a 90% vegetarian diet. Age (those a...