Using the Slicer

For Best Results

Most breads can be slicered with a good knife and a little practice. If you are using a soft type of bread, toasting it before slicering makes it easier to cut. Toast bread to medium golden brown, so it is crunchy outside - not soft and not burnt. Slicer the bread while it is still warm.

Dense types of bread or bagels may not need to be toasted. Experiment to find the right amount of pressure and cutting angle for different types of food.

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Quick Start Guide

You will soon be slicering your way to new versions of some of your favorite recipes using these techniques.

Assemble the Nicer Slicer and a sharp (preferably serrated) knife with an 8” blade on a clean workspace.

With Slicer open, insert a slice of bread, toast or bagel half and press it gently against one perforated side. Pull curved top handles together firmly, taking care not to crush the slice.

While holding Slicer upright with one hand, use knife in other to cut through the slice. Use a smooth, sawing stroke with little downward pressure. If knife binds, release pressure slightly on the handles and on downward stroke.
Open handles and remove two thin, ready to use slices. Assemble slices with fillings or toppings of your choice and enjoy your culinary creation!