Using the Slicer

For Best Results

2 slices of white bread in a toaster

    Most breads can be slicered with a good knife and a little practice. If you are using a soft type of bread, toasting it before slicering makes it easier to cut. Toast bread to medium golden brown, so it is crunchy outside - not soft and not burnt. Slicer the bread while it is still warm.
      Dense types of bread or bagels may not need to be toasted. Experiment to find the right amount of pressure and cutting angle for different types of food.

      Put food to be slicered into the utensil and grasp the handles firmly, making sure  there is enough space between them to insert a long bladed knife. Use a gentle sawing motion to cut through the food and continue until the knife hits the plastic block at the bottom of the slicer. Open handles and remove 2 slices of food.
      Use the same technique to slicer boneless chicken breasts, thick ham slices or
      oversized hamburger patties.

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