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4 step graphic of using The Nicer Slicer

The appeal of the Nicer Slicer for home cooks, from my perspective, is how it makes the idea of toasting bread into more of an art. The idea that cuisine is an art form is on display across the spectrum of restaurants and grocery stores we patronize and all the businesses and industries that create the food we buy and eat.

In today’s world where we have limited time to cook. That lack of time is solved by the idea of convenience. Food sold in grocery stores and fast food outlets is tasty, satisfying and quick. Food distribution is a large, expensive system where capital is at risk. Businesses further develop food goods for taste and ingredients in a laboratory setting. We might wonder about all this…

Analysis of convenience food consumption is where science begins to unravel the real impacts. When considering the BMI (body mass index) metric, many people believe it is a flawed measurement. That may reflect a kind of "group think" that ignores our deepest biological roots. Humans have evolved by natural selection for feast and famine. Since the BMI reflects that 90% of the U.S. population is overweight, it appears the feast has become continuous. We are no longer aligned with nature's design.

Scientific analysis shows that time restricted eating stimulates pathways for improved health. We know this, but we are hooked on convenience and suffer a lack of time. Famine no longer impacts many of our lives; so we consume too much food. How does the Nicer Slicer fit into this story?

It's a quick way to improve taste, lower calories and cost of food we eat, such as a toasted bagel or piece of bread. It gives the user a quick way to create something tasty where you are the author, chef and creator who chooses the ingredients. You become the leading edge of improving and taking responsibility for your cuisine.That's important. How best to prevail in the process of improving your habits of cuisine? Get a Nicer Slicer and use it. Quick and fun, suddenly you are a chef and on your way to better eating, better health and better life.

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