About Us

Who We Are

We are a family-owned business based in Columbus, Ohio. We formed a company to manufacture a product we believe belongs in every kitchen: The Nicer Slicer.

The Nicer Slicer Story

I grew up using a device called the "slice-a-slice". It was a staple in our family kitchen and we used it to make sandwiches and snacks. With a house full of kids, it was especially good for making treats to take on picnics, to the beach or on long car trips. Toasting bread before slicing it thin kept the outside crisp and the inside soft– meaning no soggy sandwiches in transit.

Mom frequently served little tea sandwiches and appetizers to guests in our home. The response was almost always “How did you make these and where can I get a slicer like yours?” My mother kept her original slicer from the 1950's. However, she was disappointed not to find a similar device to share with her friends.

After looking around in today’s culinary market, we found that devices to thinly slice bread have disappeared. We became determined to design and manufacture a modern version of the old slicer. We replaced the wooden knife stop with food grade plastic and improved the method to hold the bread in place. The Nicer Slicer is manufactured in America, using 20 gauge stainless steel. The entire tool is dishwasher safe. The sturdy construction means you can rely on your slicer for many years.
Today, Mom still serves thinly sliced treats to her family and friends. But now she reaches for The Nicer Slicer. She really enjoys using it, saying that the larger handle grips make it easier to use than the old device, and the heavier weight "just makes it work better." We hope you enjoy using The Nicer Slicer. See the Recipe section for delicious suggestions on foods you can make using this handy kitchen tool.

Sandford B. Schirmer
Founder, SB Schirmer Company LLC