FAQs about buying The Nicer Slicer

Q. How do I buy The Nicer Slicer?
A. Follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the photo of The Nicer Slicer or the “Click Here to Buy the Nicer Slicer Now” text link under the photo.
  2. This takes you to a page with an “Add to Cart” button. Clicking that button takes you to the Shopping Cart page.
  3. Insert the quantity of Slicers you want to order. Clicking the "Empty" button will reduce the number by 1 Slicer.
  4.  When satisfied with your order,  click the yellow "Check Out with PayPal" button. This will take you to the PayPal secure website.
  5. Scroll down the page if you want to use a credit card. Or if you have an active Paypal account then it will be the first option you will see on the Paypal site.

      Q. How do I use Paypal?

      A. All you need to purchase a Nicer Slicer is a Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express credit card or PayPal Account. Paypal is a safe methods of making your payment which keeps your credit card and personal information safe.

      Q. I don’t want to use my credit card on the internet. Can I phone you with my credit card information?

      A. Currently, we are only accepting credit cards via the PayPal website. If you would like to purchase with a personal check, we accept checks at our Post Office Box. The address is: 

      SB Schirmer Company, LLC
      P.O. 1011
      Columbus, Ohio 43216

      Q. I have questions about the Nicer Slicer. Can I speak to a customer service representative?

      A. Yes, we are happy to answer personal inquiries. However, our small staff wears many hats and you may need to leave us a voice message at 614.859.8391. We will call you back as quickly as possible.

      Q.  Can I use a personal check to order a NIcer Slicer?
      A.  Yes, you can write us a check. Please include your email address so we can forward the tracking ID of your package for shipments in the US. Make it payable to SB Schirmer Company, LLC and send it to:

              SB Schirmer Company, LLC
              P.O. 1011
              Columbus, Ohio 43216

      Q.  How long will it take to receive my Nicer Slicer?
      A.  After receipt of your order:
      • for credit card orders, 5 business days for continental U.S., 10 business days outside the continental U.S.
      • for personal check orders,10 business days for continental U.S., 15 business days outside the continental U.S.
      Q. How will my Nicer Slicer be shipped, how much will it cost and when will it arrive?
      A. Currently, all slicers are shipped via U.S. Postal Service Priority mail. Below are shipping rates and delivery dates.

          United States: FREE SHIPPING- no shipping charge for 1-6 slicers to all 50 states, overseas U.S. Possessions and Territories.
          Delivery in 4-5 days for most domestic locations. 

          Canada: FREE SHIPPING- no shipping charge for 1-6 slicers. Delivery in 6-10 days for most locations.

          Mexico: FREE SHIPPING- no shipping charge for 1-6 slicers. Delivery in 6-10 days for most locations.

         All other countries: Please inquire at info@thenicerslicer.com. Delivery in 8-12 days for most locations.

      Q.  What if I want to return my Nicer Slicer?
      A.  For 30 days after order date, we will re  fund  the purchase price, less a 25% restocking fee. Return your gently used, undamaged Nicer Slicer to us at:
          SB Schirmer Company, LLC
          P.O. 1011
          Columbus, Ohio 43216


      FAQ’s about using The Nicer Slicer

      Q.    Does the Nicer Slicer include a bread knife?
      A.    We are not currently distributing The Nicer Slicer with a bread knife. Our advice is to use a good bread knife with at lease an 8” blade, preferably serrated.

      Q.    Why does my toasted grocery store bread shred or crumble when I use The Nicer Slicer?
      A.    If bread slices are not well toasted enough, or allowed to cool too much, the results can be less than optimal. It will take some experimenting to find the right combination of toast doneness to perfect your technique. Different breads require different amounts of cutting pressure to produce even slices. But once you’ve got the right touch, you will be able to cut bread, toast or bagels with confidence.


      Q. What if I have lost the directions that came with my slicer? Can I get another copy?

      A. Sure! On the Home Button on our home page, you will see a link called "Directions." Click it and you should be able to download the directions to your home computer, save and/or print them as needed.