The Nicer Slicer

This unique kitchen tool does one thing very well. It slices certain foods into 2 thin vertical slices. It lets you create thin bread and bagel slices for sandwiches and appetizers. It also enables you to cut boneless chicken breasts into cutlets, thick ham slices and hamburger patties into slices quickly and safely. Explore this site to see how The Nicer Slicer can expand your culinary horizons.

a white plate of chicken piccata and asparagus

Visit our two blogs, Make THIS at Home and Slices of History to read recipes and interesting background stories and culinary history. Plug in ingredient keywords like "bagel" or "chicken" or "tea sandwiches" into the search bar at upper right corner of this page to find recipes you can make using this utensil and your own long bladed knife.

 a cream cheese and strawberry sandwich on very thin bread

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