The Chocolate Yankee (Bon Appetit!)

Posted on February 06, 2017 by Tina Bozzuto | 0 Comments

Looking for something to go with your morning coffee? Want a quick and easy treat that delivers the Nicer Slicer trifecta of benefits- better taste, less calories and less cost? Try this. I call it my American take on the French classic pastry, pain au chocolat. It also makes a great after school snack that kids love.

1 everything bagel
hazelnut spread (such at Nutella)
very good coffee (French Roast is ideal)
makes 2 sandwiches

Start by brewing your coffee, so you can enjoy this treat while it’s still warm. Toast both halves of the bagel, then slicer them for a total of 4 slices. Slather the spread onto the bottom two pieces and cover with the top
pieces of the bagel. Pour yourself some coffee and say “Bon Jour!” to the day.


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