Slicering Defined

Slicering is the process of cutting food into two thin vertical slices using the Nicer Slicer hand held kitchen tool. Most often used for breads and bagels, this tool can also be used to create cutlets from boneless chicken breasts and cut hamburger patties that are too thick down to a portion-controlled size.

You can make fresh, healthy lunches and delicate tea sandwiches using one half of the calories, carbohydrates and expense. Create your own homemade snacks and appetizers, using the fillings and toppings that you and your family love. Check out the recipes that have appeared in our blog posts or search with the search bar using ingredient keywords such as bagel, chicken breast or tea sandwiches.

 Do the Math
Using the Nicer Slicer can make you feel good about being thrifty– whether your priority is saving money, calories or carbohydrates- or all three.

The Bread Diagram


The Bagel Diagram

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