Appetizers: Do the Math

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We had guests for dinner the other night and I wanted make a hot appetizer. Looking around the kitchen, I found some “everything” bagels, Romano cheese and a first pressing olive oil. What could I do with those ingredients? Further searching turned up homemade pesto and Tabasco sauce. I became inspired and here is the result:

Bruschetta alla Romano (yields 36 pieces)

1½ pre-sliced “everything” bagels
3 Tbsp. good quality olive oil
3 tsp. pesto
¼ cup grated Romano cheese
1 tsp. Tabasco sauce

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Grilled Cheese Confidential: The Little Sandy

Posted on April 20, 2013 by Sandford Schirmer | 0 Comments

We’ve been thinking about grilled cheese sandwiches a lot lately. Today, April 20, is the 13th annual Grilled Cheese Invitational cook off in Los Angeles. Best wishes to the 200 competitors and may the best “sammich” win! In honor of those who live to melt cheese between 2 pieces of bread, we bring you our latest and greatest take on the grilled cheese sandwich. But first, the inside story.

Recipes developed here in the Nicer Slicer test kitchen have to pass our trifecta of criteria: does it taste good, does it look appealing and is it easy to make?

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