Toasted Bread

Two loaves of Poilane unsliced bread

Toasted Bread

One of my father's favorite bread tips I countlessly, and no less fondly, tell is his recommendation on how to toast bread. Deceivingly simple, incredibly smart and generous, he would suggest to put two slices of bread in a single toaster slot.The result is a duality between a crunchy, flavorful, golden toasted side, in conversation with a soft, comforting and warm face.

Why bother?

Slicing an unsliced loaf of Poilane bread

First and foremost, this single toasted side slice of bread will be incredibly nicer to eat. This is due to the contrast in flavors and textures. Then, it will stay that way longer than when the toasting has dried up both sides and little hydration is left to keep your slice generous and smooth.

Lastly, if you are greeting guests, putting two slices of toast in one slot effectively doubles your output, slims your time in the kitchen in half! While rather universal, this method is most effective with a nice slice of a wheat sourdough loaf, dense, thick crusted, with a regular bubble structure.

The Nicer Slicer in action, alternative.

Whether it is the qualities of the slice of bread you are toasting, or the sheer thickness of the slice provided that is unfitting with your toaster, the Nicer Slicer is a handy, and just as effective tool.


Putting a bread slice into The Nicer Slicer

A toasted slice of bread cut in half with the device will provide two slices, with that delicious dual texture. It feels a little bit like starting from the end!

 cutting a thick slice into two pieces using The Nicer Slicer

In acknowledgment that bread comes in all shapes, forms, textures and flavors, it is worth considering its unique qualities in deciding how to
toast it. 

it.Two thin slices of bread after using The Nicer Slicer

Finally, there is always the case of the accidental thick slice. While some may like exactly that thickness, maybe The Nicer Slicer is that tool that will save the toast, and multiply bread.

Apollonia POILÂNE

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