The Experience of Poilâne Bread

Paris is an amazing and inspiring city - the city of light. Old Paris has one tall skyscraper. As soon as it was built and casting its long shadow, one wonders if New Paris with its shiny tall buildings rose up out of that edifice's shadow? I do not know, but I do know that France is the birthplace of deep sensibilities. Style and  form are a persistent condition of French life. Even a sandwich  purchased from a cart vendor on the street will be made with a lovely fresh baguette. Tuna never tasted so well.

Having had the great good fortune to wander Paris' shops, museums, churches, streets and subways I know to pay attention to French culture. One Sunday morning I saw a TV news magazine describe the Poilane Bakery -

I was interested immediately that I could actually order bread baked in Paris and have it delivered to my home in Columbus. What a concept! Without any hesitation we ordered 2 loaves of Sandwich Bread. When it arrived 2 days

after it was baked, I had to wait two more days to open the box.

Inside were two lightly waxed brown paper bags containing two more plastic bags with air holes and two very symmetrical dense loaves of bread. We sliced into one of the loaves and the first taste was not bad for a loaf of bread that had been shipped 1/2 way around the world and baked 4 days ago.

Poilane box and 2 loaves of bread shipped from France

The bread was dense enough to slicer and I love toast so we tested that. Not bad, buttered. Nice crunch, the toaster reviving some more of the bread's fresh baked flavor.
Slicing a bread loaf and putting into The Nicer Slicer
The creme de la creme moment - slicering a warm piece of toast exposing the doughy middle and bringing out a lot of the bread's freshly baked flavor.

What a hit! Raspberry jam never tasted better.The NIcer Slicer's forte adds so many options to improve the flavor of bread, particularly toasted bread. This is a great example of that.


We saved the other loaf for a broader sampling The Joy of Cooking's canapes and Poilane's tartines.Come back soon! We will share those details with you.


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  • That was pretty exciting opening that box! Let’s get back to experiment with with recipes for canapes and tartines with the loaf in your freezer.

    Tina Bozzuto

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