Great Breakfast Sandwich



I recently purchased a copy of Dr. Joel Kahn’s book, “The Plant Based Solution." I decided to work towards a 90% vegetarian diet. Age (those additional laps around the track) has its impacts and eating a mostly plant based diet seems like a smart move. I have enjoyed some of Dr. Kahn’s recipes. One of them is a breakfast sandwich called the “Grilled Nut Butter and Apple Sandwich.” This is a great recipe for the Nicer Slicer!

You begin by toasting a piece of bread.

While the bread is toasting, slice an apple into thin vertical slices. I end up with extra slices and use them as a side to eat with the sandwich.

Once the bread is done toasting, use your slicer to create two perfect thin pieces of just toasted bread.

Then apply a thin coat of nut butter to the inside of each slice. Sprinkle some cinnamon on one slice.

Apply about a teaspoon of maple syrup to the other slice and spread it around on the peanut butter. Be careful to keep the maple syrup on top of the nut butter. Because this sandwich is going to be grilled we want to keep the maple syrup under control inside the sandwich.

Then put a single layer of apple on one of the slices and assemble the sandwich.  

Grill the sandwich over medium heat for a minute or two each side. I have had the best success with olive oil spray. 

Remove from heat and enjoy!

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