Serve bagels at your next cheese tasting

Turns out that the cheese does not stand alone. We love hearing from our customers about how they use The Nicer Slicer. They come up with all sorts of techniques and recipes. I recently received this idea from a user in Northwest Ohio.
“Over the holidays, my daughters brought 7 or 8 fancy cheeses home. They wanted to taste and compare some blue cheeses and other varieties before offering them to guests at an upcoming party. I looked over the assortment and the wine chosen for the pairing. I realized I had the perfect solution for the taste test: The Nicer Slicer and some good bagels!”

“I grabbed my Nicer Slicer and slicered a couple of bagel halves into quarters and
baked the thin slices at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. Then I cut the quarters into 8 pieces per slice. The resulting lightly toasted bagel crisps provided just the right accompaniment. They had no oil or other ingredients to compete with the taste of the cheeses. We also tried some crackers I had but ending up liking the slicered bagels better. They provided a perfect format, a way to taste cheese. Make sure to share this with your users, we were delighted and impressed!”

Betty G, Findlay, Ohio

Thanks, Betty- and happy slicering!

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