Kid Friendly


Munchkin Hot Dogs

Makes: 1 serving

The difference here is that the slicered bread is soft inside and can be rolled around the hot dog “pigs in a blanket” style. Perfect for little hands. Have the hot dogs or cocktail sausages cooked and condiments set out before toasting bread.

1 regular size hot dog or 2 cocktail size sausages
1 slice of bread, any variety
condiments of your choice

Cook the hot dog or sausages however your kids like them- steamed in water, cut lengthwise and grilled in a pat of butter, or microwaved. Check to make sure they aren’t too hot. While the bread is toasting to golden brown, cut hot dog in half. Slicer the bread, and cut each slice in half. Lay each piece cut side up and add a hot dog or sausage. Top with condiments. Roll bread around meat, pour a glass of milk and watch the fun begin.