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For 4 days anyone can get a Nicer Slicer at the retro 2011 price of $49.95! It's 2011 all over again!
Slicers make GREAT Holiday Gifts. Many of our customers report o us they are "converted." They could not even think about partaking of their favorite sandwich or bagel without first toasting and slicering. They appreciate the result - soft inside; caramelized and crunchy on the outside.
It's not only the best of both worlds, it's the best of three worlds - what The Nicer Slicer Team at SB Schirmer CO, LLC calls "The Trifecta"
   1) Better Taste
   2) Less Calories
   3) Lower Cost
Slicers last for decades. Proudly manufactured in the United States of America from 20 gauge brushed stainless steel, your slicer will be used thousands of times. At $49.95 (a massive $20.00 reduction in price- the value proposition.) Savings on your grocery bill, savings from reduction in calories minus $49.95 means you gain as an epicurean, as a financier and possibly even set the stage for weight loss. This is The Nicer Slicer's power play and adept advantage. It's not a gadget, its a tool!
Certainly you can buy thin buns and bread from your local grocer,  but toasting them on one side takes time in front of your oven broiler and patience. The advantage of The Nicer Slicer is really tactical - allowing you convenience and a new alternative. We love the fact that The Nicer Slicer is handsome enough to sit out on your counter, right next to your toaster. Friends will ask, "What is that?" You can quickly toast half a bagel, slicer and add your favorite chocolate topping for a faux pain-au-chocolate. Or you can make them a PB & J on warm just toasted, slicered bread that will rival any PB and J they have ever eaten. Better taste, less calories, lower cost! HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? The obvious answer - YOU CAN'T!
We hope you take advantage of this GREAT, LIMITED TIME OFFER:
This sale begins midnight November 22, 2018 and ends midnight November 26, 2018. 
Happy holidays- may 2019 be the best New Year for you, your family, friends and our Great County. God Bless Us All - each and every one.
The The Nicer Slicer Team

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