The 2021 Best Food Blogs

Hope you and yours are weathering into the new year. We want to comment on a phenomenon we noticed last summer. There is no question that more people are cooking at home than before the pandemic. Sure, a lot of people reverted to carry out or delivery services. Our informal polling of friends and family tell us that people have rediscovered the benefits of making a meal for themselves and their families. That is what prompted us to pull together a list of the best food blogs of 2021. 

We put them into 3 loose categories: general recipe sites (some with meal planning advice), budget friendly sites and sandwich sites. Many but not all of the recipes posted on our website involve slicering bread. The sandwich sites explore best sandwiches from around the world and certainly opened my eyes to the culinary opportunities involving one or two slices of bread. 

General Recipe Blogs

colorful fruits and vegetables in a white bowl

Smitten Kitchen: 

This 14 year old blog is about “celebrating triumphant but unfussy cooking.”
There is a weekly newsletter and archives of past issue and also video tutorials. 


The tag line here is “Delicious Healthy Recipes from My Family to Yours.” The recipes are grouped with a variety of special menus such as kid friendly, gluten free, paleo, freezer meals and under 30 minutes. There is a library of 7 day meal plans to help you look ahead and organize grocery shopping.

Serious Eats:

A deep list of recipes, how tos, including cooking techniques, ingredient guides and kitchen tips. The Culture section contains topics like cusine guides, food history and food science. There is a newsletter and the option to save your favorite recipes on the site.

Sprouted Kitchen:

This blog is produced by a husband and wife team- she writes and he photographs. Recipes are arranged in various categories including all four seasons. There is a newsletter and also a Cooking Club that promises to let you “save time, save money and eat better.”

Budget Friendly Food Blogs

small calculator and pen sitting on top of a budget statement

Budget Bytes:

This blog is seriously oriented toward making delicoius food on a limited budget. The author breaks out the cost of each meal and provides tips on streching your food dollars. ‘She writes “I’ve decided that cooking on a budget shouldn’t mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night.”

Five Dollar Dinners:

This blog provides lots of recipes and also classes on teaching children basic cooking skills,  a food budget makeover and how to have an efficient kitchen. There are weekly mean plans and freezer meal plans. 

Frugal Nutrition:

The author is a a licensed dietitian/nutritionist (LDN) and breaks out her recipes with both cost to make and cost per serving. 

Sandwich Blogs

Two large sandwiches and a bag of French fries

The Food Network Sandwich Central

Recipes for dozens of sandwiches.

Saveur: 50 Great Sandwiches

Sandwich ideas from all over the world.

Which food blogs do you follow and why do you like them? Share your comments below- we'd love to hear from you!

"Life is like a sandwich- the more you add to it, the better it becomes."
Dagwood Bumstead

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