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  • Cooking Like It Was 1943

    Cooking Like It Was 1943

    In a previous blog, I wrote about the wartime 1943 edition of "Joy of Cooking." The team decided to try some of the hors' d'oeuvres and canapes listed there, designed to conserve food valued for the war effort and use available ingredients. I wanted to experience some of impact of World War II on the American kitchen.

  • Super Bowl Sliders: Thin is In

    Thinking about the Big Game inspires me to fire up the grill. I’m always looking for food that is great for parties, easy to eat and satisfying. Checking my fridge, I found a bag of bagels past their prime. They were rock hard- too hard to cut safely, but I had an idea. I heated them in the oven till they softened up. Ten minutes at 300 degrees did the trick.

    I reached for The Nicer Slicer and quickly cut each bagel in half, lightly toasted and then re-slicered each piece. Suddenly I had enough buns for 8 burgers. I pulled out about 1 1/2 pounds of ground turkey,
  • Serve bagels at your next cheese tasting

    Stack o Cheese
    Turns out that the cheese does not stand alone. We love hearing from our customers about how they use The Nicer Slicer. They come up with all sorts of techniques and recipes. I recently received this idea from a user in Northwest Ohio.
    “Over the holidays, my daughters brought 7 or 8 fancy cheeses home. They wanted to taste and compare some blue cheeses and other varieties before offering them to guests at an upcoming party.