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Over the years, perceptions by the team at SB Schirmer Co. LLC have evolved as we hear from our customers how they use their slicers and how their motivations have prompted them to experiment with different recipes. We have been impressed by the idea that you can eat better tasting food that also lowers calories and is less expensive.

This is the essence of what we have long called “The Trifecta- better taste, lower calories and less cost.” The Nicer Slicer is only one tool in an effort to eat healthier food that tastes great. We all know we would be healthier and feel better if we focused on food that was not heavily processed and as fresh as possible.

As we move forward in 2021, our focus and our blogs will continue to grow and evolve towards a larger context of the elevation of cuisine. One of the benefits of taking better care of ourselves, eating well with an emphasis on flavor and texture is that it makes us aware of how what we put into our bodies makes us feel. It is very important to take time to be grateful and to taste and savor good food, letting that pleasant experience lead us seamlessly toward healthier, happy days.

A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of a weeklong “Detox” led by Nancy McElwain, a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner.

Her website is Renew Nutrition + Fitness: There is a 5 Day Whole Food Detox coming soon!  January 11-15 2021.

I took part in the fall detox session. It included a list of recipes, a guidebook, a shopping list, daily emails and lots of practical advice. I plan to join more detoxes in the future and I loved Nancy’s practical advice and ideas such as - she likes leftovers! The whole mantra of her training is to emphasize healthy habits in the context of our busy lives. Several of the recipes I have made subsequently. I have become convinced that much of the time, I can eat more healthy food with a weekly plan in place. I admit not every week has included a plan, but several have and it has allowed me to know when it would make sense for me to be chopping or cooking the evening before. The results have been well received by my two boys, 15 and 18, who eat like horses. Here is one recipe that will become a staple in the Schirmer household:

Korean Rice Bowl Makes 2-3 Servings
1TB olive or coconut oil
1 small yellow onion, chopped
1 lb ground free-range organic turkey or chicken
3 garlic cloves, minced
4 oz shitake mushrooms, with tough foot removed and sliced thinly
2 carrots, scrubbed and grated
1/2 small head of red cabbage, finely chopped
3 TB wheat-free tamari sauce or coconut aminos
1 TB rice wine vinegar
1/2 TB fish sauce
Red pepper flakes (optional).

1. In a large skillet or wok heat olive or coconut oil over medium-high heat. Add onion and ground meat, and saute for 5 minutes, stirring frequently.

2. Add garlic, shitakes, carrots and cabbage. Toss to combine. Continue cooking for another 5-10 minutes or until meat and vegetables are cooked through.

3. Whisk together wheat-free tamari, rice wine vinegar and fish sauce together in a small bowl, then pour over the ground meat and vegetable mix. Stir to combine and serve with cooked brown rice.

Here’s to your health in 2021. Come back often as we will be posting new recipes and ideas for the Nicer Slicer. If you already own one - congratulations! Please add your comments to the recipes and blogs on our website. Watch your email for special offers we make to contributors to the website! If you have a recipe you would like to share, please send it to us. If we approve it - you might end up with a free slicer ...just saying!

All the best, Sandy Schirmer

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