Get Back in Your Kitchen

4 step graphic of using The Nicer Slicer to cut toast
Welcome back to our website. The times they are a-changin. For years we have been writing about the cool aspects of the Nicer Slicer- a tool that improves taste while cutting cost and calories. 
Over time we came to recognize that the Nicer Slicer has a place in everyone's kitchen as a tool to enhance cooking and culinary skill. We Americans often "go big" with food - maybe sometimes to the detriment of our health and well being. At SB Schirmer Company think it's fun to realize that by going small you can increase flavor and savor. Slicering can lead you towards that new reality in the kitchen. 
So come back often, watch as we increase focus on our recipe collection on PInterest and other social media presence for you - our users who know that the kitchen is a great place to start to live a better life. 
Our sales reflect what may be this larger awareness. In the  first 6 months of 2022 our sales are up 360% over two years ago and 140% over last year's first half. Ten years ago when we began this journey we heard the ubiquitous comment from armchair quarterbacks, "That'll never work..." We shall see, we shall see.
Happy Slicering!
All the best,
Sandy Schirmer
Founder, SB Schirmer Co., LLC

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