Slicer Up Some Great Road Food

Travel tips: The LIttle Sandy sandwich   My family has traveled regularly to Michigan and North Carolina from our home in Ohio for years. Long car trips are part of the adventure. This sandwich has been in our family for three generations. We call it the "The Little Sandy" since it was invented by my mom (her name is Sandy also, but she's much smaller than me.) It makes great travel food!

The latest version included Pepperidge Farm Oatmeal bread toast. The regular steps include toasting, slicering the toast, then flipping the toast soft side out, insert cheese, dijon mustard, ham and saute in butter.The resulting super thin grilled cheese sandwiches are excellent, stand up to refrigeration and the cooler for a long car ride. This is a recipe with shelf life. Kids love them. Our recent trip confirmed again the Little Sandy's viability as excellent travel food. Enjoy! 

Happy and Safe Travels this Summer.



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