2022 Best Food Blogs


The beginning of the year is always a good time to take stock of your habits and what you want to improve. Most of you are seeing this post because you like to cook at home and experiment with recipes you find or ideas for your own recipes to make with your favorite ingredients. Maybe you would like to expand your culinary horizon with food that is new to you, or try to recreate a great dish that you had in a restaurant or at a friend's house. 

There are links here to 17 food blogs that are highly rated for 2022. Some are about specific types of food and methods of cooking, such as vegetarian, ethnic, or seasonal. Types of cooking ranges from grilling to baking to  instant pot recipes. 

Several of them state their recipes were developed in tiny urban kitchens. The implication is that if they can do it you can also. Many include step by step tutorials and videos. 

Your can search by a lot of filters, such as main dishes, soups, salads or desserts. All of them (and there are a lot of wife and husband duos) describe that they started their blogs out of a love of cooking and sharing food which certainly comes through in their writing and photography. 

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